Marcus W. Stroh
Senior President/Head of Studio/CEO/Producer

Marcus is the new overseas Senior Vice President/Head of Studio, overseeing all production and operations. Marcus has a vast amount of experience running a studio and overseeing a range of works from movie titles and visual effects to commercials (both live action and animated) at the german market.

John Montgoris
Associate Producer/Partner

Montgoris guides documentary productions. His credits start with the success of "Little Spain". Montgoris has had a great experience in the field of art dealing and is in charge of "Ciria (pronounced Thiria)" production, alongside with Marcus, a major project about the most internationally acclaimed Spanish painter, based in New York City since 2005, José Manuel Ciria.

Juan Martínez
Media Manager

Juan is the man behind the media. Humble, silent and sharp, he has the best friends in the right place at the right moment... No one understands how -but he gets it!!

Julián Barrios
Executive Producer/Partner

Julián Barrios guides all TV commercials productions. His credits span across all media forms: films, commercials, TV series and music videos. Julián's work ranges from concept-based big production to comedy/dialogue to sports and celebrities to cars.

Well, what can we say about a person like that...?

Antonio Martínez
Executive Producer

Antonio guides all digital production at MP, included spanning gaming and all sort of apps based on media. His particular realm is Bluechromatic, a digital kingdom were everything is possible. His work encompasses commercials, movie titles, show openings, as well as visual effects supervision. Tony is usually a late-comer, but he is under the pression of the rest of the team so... bad news for the guy. ;-)

(By the way, Antonio's favorite color is blue.)


Bluechromatic is a multi-disciplinary team working in motion design, 3D animation, and live action, under the leadership of partner Antonio Martínez. Bluechromatic's work includes live action mixed with animation and motion graphics, with specific attention to kinetic typography.

Javier Tomás
Executive Producer

Javier can create (and control!) a multi-platform (web, desktop, mobile, installation and print), leading data visualization process. He integrates advertising efforts from print, TV, brand, events and interactive. Also -he writes amazing horror stories...