Most of the MP directors are based at our studio in NYC and the others live in London, Bristol, Paris, Madrid, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Portland, Oregon. They work in the genres of live action, comedy, special effects, graphics, mixed media, tabletop, and animation of all types. Here you can get to know the directors and their work. They are all terrific people, each in their own way. No matter how difficoult it sounds -we can do it! ;-)


MP covers all areas of animation, from Cel animation, to 2D, Flash, After Effects to CG and full 3D animation. Our expertise also covers techniques such as rotoscoping and motion capture.


Our accomplished tabletop directors are highly experienced in the the full range of food, liquids, and objects.


Mixed Media encompasses a wide variety of visual work, either integrating more than one style of animation or combining elements of live action with animation and visual effects. MP has a wide ranging know-how in this area, including more unusual forms of animation, such as projected faces and "photomation". Our work mixes up techniques, like combining cut-out film images with stop motion and mixing live action with 3D box animation.


MP eclectic and strong roster of established commercial directors covers all forms and genres, from fashion to comedy, from celebrity to action.


We have extensive experience in all styles of stop motion animation and bringing stories to life frame by frame, whether using puppets, clay, rigs, fabricated dolls, cut out or articles of clothing.