Film Production

MP is expanding into the production of high quality commercial feature films. Film activities include financing, production, co-production and worldwide exploitation of low to moderate-budget independent feature films.

Our team

MP professionals and management have produced or worked on a long list of films and documentaries that include "Crash". "Alpha Dog", Copying Beethoven", "Trust The Man", "Smart People", "Mysteries of Pittsburgh", "New York, I Love You" and "Chicago Ten".

MP finances and produces independent feature films, commercials, music videos and documentaries for exhibition in the United States and abroad. Each production seeks to uphold our commitment to creative endeavors while maintaining broad-based commercial appeal. We combine artistic freedom with business resourcefulness.

MP has production financing available for qualified projects. Our company is equipped to monetize all types of soft funding provided by film tax incentives in all jurisdictions. Depending on genre, budget and whether or not there are key elements in place MP can finance anywhere from 15%-35% of a project’s financing. This money is contingent on 100% of a film’s budget being fulfilled. MP also has the ability to pre-sell territories and other rights to assist toward further financing depending on a project’s needs.