How did they do that!??

Our talented crew has collaborated on many design and VFX jobs with offsite directors or with internal directing teams. The works range from high design to invisible FX.

MP offers a wide range of services and production components from concept design to delivery. We create custom tailored packages that adapt as productions evolve.

A la carte!


Concept design
Character design + creation
Storyboards + animatics
Asset creation:
3D models
2D characters


VFX supervision
VFX packages
Animation elements in all media
Motion Capture
Face facial capture


Visual Effects
Plate restoration
Digital doubles and replacements
Color correction
Online and Conforms
DVD building
Multi-format video compression
Broadcast delivery + Dubs
Render Services + Render Farm
Titles & Credits
Production Accounting


Multi-purpose stage + insert stage:
Green screen
Lighting and Grip packages
Range of HD + Still cameras
Green rooms + Client offices
Prop shop
Motion capture system
Digital Workstations
2 HD edit suites with support bay

MoCap say 'wha?!'

Motion Capture
Performance Capture
MoCap |mo•kap|

The process of recording a performer's motion which is then used to "drive" a digitally created character. Performers wear spandex suits with reflective optical markers and perform in front of an array of special computer controlled cameras. Once the motion has been captured by this system it can be applied to any character with any rendering style. Since the capture is done in an immersive volume this performance can be digitally viewed or "filmed" from any angle. Recorded performances can later be edited or refined with key frame animation.

Consultants... what can we do for you?

We can provide brand, campaign and digital solutions for strategic positioning. Also seasonal campaign strategy along with eCommerce consumer user experience with touch point life cycle and conversion. We can refine checkout process and product recall with merchandising data reporting. Additionally, we can develop creative concept and execution; ranging from photography, brand design, campaign development and digital design.

We can integrate a multi-platform (web, desktop, mobile, installation and print), leading data visualization process. We can integrate advertising efforts from print, tv, brand, events and interactive.

Working both as designer and users experience strategist, we managed interactive development and business strategy for various clients. We focus on search technology & intelligent agency system and client-side streaming application. Business strategy to logistical operational consultancy is something we like -but not on mondays, please.